Best Practices of Carpet Care at Home

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Carpets in your living room, bedroom, and drawing room provide the best flooring protection. They also take care of your feet while walking and sitting. Designed carpets are also aesthetic elements to enhance the interior beauty. There could be many other benefits of having a carpet on the floors of your home and office.

Carpet care is a simple process when you perform the related maintenance tasks regularly. The first procedure is cleaning. You may do it manually or mechanically, depending on the carpet material, size, construction, and finishing.

Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet could be made of wool, jute, cotton, nylon, polyester, velvet, or the combination of materials. You have to consider the pile and density of the material while choosing the cleaning methods.


The vacuum machine can be ideal for almost all types of carpets, except those made of silk or other sensitive material. For the area carpets, you may choose larger vacuums. For the smaller ones, you may choose handheld vacuums.


Steam cleaning and hot water extraction can be useful for higher density carpets. You may use a portable machine for effective cleaning. It works on a vacuum motor and a water pump. You can control the water temperature based on the type of carpet. The machine can clean larger areas of carpets to the depth.


Rotary extractors may use detergents and shampoos for the carpet cleaning. Often they use only the vacuum pressure to inject the shampoo into the carpets. After extracting with shampoo, you may have to use water to remove the remnant shampoo. Similarly, you may have many other cleaning equipment and tools for cleaning the carpet. You can choose the one which matches your requirements and budget.

Carpet Grooming

You can use a carpet brush for grooming. It is for prolonging the lifespan of your carpet. It can keep the carpet fibers flexible and firm. Regular foot traffic on the carpet can flatten the fibers and lead to physical damages. Grooming the carpet is a good way of ensuring its health.

Carpet Selection

You can ensure the long life of your carpets with minimum or no damages. The trick is in the material selection. For area carpets, you may choose higher density wool, nylon, or polyester. They can endure the stress factors of foot traffic. You may choose lighter density materials like velvet and cotton for the less foot –traffic areas like your living room and bedroom.

Surface Finishing

Smooth surface finishing of carpets can be very sensitive to stress. You have to use them within the areas with minimal or zero foot traffic. For example, you may use them beneath the glass tables in your home and office.

The carpets you use for the living room can have a relatively firmer finishing. The density of base material has to be higher than the top finishing. It is one way of ensuring higher endurance to stress. For the larger number of carpets in your villa and office, it is better to choose the professional carpet cleaning and maintenance service.

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